Parking Lot Favorites

Download Contains 50 of the most popular "Parking Lot Favorites".

Use These Tracks to get your timing down perfect and learn to play with other musicians before heading to the next Jam Session.....Get Ready for the Festival Season.

This set of backikng tracks use Guitar, Mandolin, and Bass and have a count in with a natural sounding four bar ending.

All of the tracks contain chord progressions only allowing you to supply the melody. For additional information click on the....FAQ Page.

Includes.....Blue Night....Dear Old Dixie....Shuckin the Corn.... Black Mountain Rag...Nine Pound Hammer....and 45 more !

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Price $10.95

Parking Lot Favorites Medium Tempo

Download contains the same 50 backing tracks as Parking Lot Favoirtes only the tempo has been slowed down.

Great for working on tone and timing or use these tracks to work up a tune you have been trying to learn.

Tracks range from 95-130 BPM however most tracks are around 100-110 BPM

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Price $10.95

Parking Lot Favorites

Fiddle Tune Workout

Download Contains the chord progression for 25 Classic Fiddle Tunes

These tracks have count in and natural endings and include a banjo roll, guitar, mandolin and bass playing around the chord changes.

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Price $5.95

Fiddle Tune Workout

Slow Jam Classics Set 1

Download Includes 25 Classic Bluegrass Tracks at a slower Tempo. Get Ready for the next Jam using these to practice your Timing.

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Price $5.95

* Slow Jam Classics Set 2-4 Now Available

Slow Jam Classics

Parking Lot Favorites Set 2

Contains 25 Classic Bluegrass Tracks...Great for working on Tone and Timing

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Price $5.95

Bluegrass Practice Tracks


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Bluegrass Backing Tracks

Bluegrass Backing Tracks